Методика работы с планетарными шагами от Роберта Рандла (по Уильяму Ганну) в Timing Solution

Известный на западе астролог Роберт Рандл (Robert Rundle) на днях опубликовал на форуме Timing Solution  методику работы в планетарными шагами (восходящая к Ганну) и приложил необходимый файл.  Джерри Невинс показывает, как работать с этим файлом в Timing Solution, как его использовать в дневных котировках, чтобы отмечать потенциальные изменения в ценовых тенденциях. В первом видео описывается вариант работы  через опцию Timing Solution под названием Planetary Steps:

Смотрите видео с переводом: Как смотреть на YouTube английское видео с русскими субтитрами

Сам файл вы найдете здесь. Обратите внимание, что  этот файл нужно положить в папку по пути путь C\TimingSolutions\Charting_Tools, а его расширение нужно переименовать, для работы через Planetary Steps, на .stp, чтобы с ним работать.

И вот другое видео от того же автора, от Джерри, по этой же теме, с учетом замечаний Рандла. Обратите внимание, это другой вариант манипуляций с файлом от Рандла. Здесь файл не нужно переименовывать, открываете его через другую опцию программы,  Equidistant Lines, подробнее в видео:

Методика Рандла по Ганну, вот ее описание на английском:

With all this talk about “69”, let’s celebrate the 94th year of Mr. Gann’s ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air’ Foreword date of “9th May 1927”.

94  also being Alistair Crowley’s Thelma greeting of “93 93/93” or 93+ 1/1 =  94, 2 x a Freemason’s Compass, Jenson’s AC&SM front cover, and many  other significant reasons.

Page  69 of Tunnel is an obvious stand out thru out the book. We all know  that. As is the Jonah story a favourite of many esoteric works (  by another 32° Freemason).  It reads easy, and it screams  so many clues. But Gann thru the hero Robert Gordon is not going to  give too much away here at face value. You need to earn it, work hard  for it, know how he thinks, and his Word Cipher. There are so many  layers interconnecting other things. Here on page 69  he kind of makes it really easy, but not, depending how far you have  got thru his work. One problem being your own Cognitive Dissonance or  prior beliefs have you thinking you have found it /or something close,  when in reality there is much more to it.

All  the clues are there in typical Gann Style, his cherry picking Bible  Verses, subtlety correcting them, reinforced by additional confluence of  clues and evidence. 

Why  was Jonah ‘Jonas’? Does it matter? With all his misadventures, why was  this bumbling fool a ‘Great’ Profit? He was ‘Fleeing’ God, why? Where  would be the best place to hide? Then  Gann gives way too many more clues. You need to work thru the many  permutations. In his usual way many work well, and should not be  dismissed, but don’t rest there.

So often Gann sets up a critical clue (or alternative) in his last statement on the subject. 

I believe there was a secret meaning in what he said;  that

the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart

of the earth. I believe that a man who understands the meaning

of that has all the power under heaven and earth, as the

Bible says he shall have. I believe that that is the key to

the interpretation of the future.”

Critical  you ponder this esoteric fact – the “Son of Man” is Jesus Christ (but  so was Jonah), AKA the Jewelled+Crown. Who, what, where is he, and what  is meant by the use of “three  days and three nights”?  Additionally it also supports the correct birth date of Jesus on 11  Sept 2BC (or 3 BC – can’t remember), look on an Ephemeris you may  understand. 

Iam  not going to tell you how it is calculated. But I will give you an  example of the results, and the means to use it for yourselves.

The simple message is it is a 412 day Cycle from 14th June to 31st July divided by 16 equal portions. Even the Gann Gurus using Free Stock Charts should be able  to do this. 

Or 14June (any year) +412 +365*n /Harmonic*2n. I.e. 777days (no Alistair)

Also  keeping cycle Anchor A at 14June and extend Anchor B over the price  chart where – Price breaks the Tunnel Thru The Air, Air Nodes,  significant TTTTA Dates, Highs/Lows etc. ±3 days

Then  ‘Look Back’ to all the clues Gann gives for additional ways / Ratios to  divide this Cycle period. Here is the results of one I like using  Gann’s version of Matthew 12 : 28,29,30  – 

Divide the Cycle at % 










And their midpoints = 










😉 Ah there’s that # 94 again 😉






And the 4th Harmonic values if your software can support it 



















The  ‘Timing Solutions, Equal Distant Cycle’ Model attached as “Gann’s TTTTA  page69 MATT 12, 38 39 40 H2 For FORUMs.harmonics” (formatted for a  Black Background, w path C\TimingSolutions\Charting_Tools).  It also opens to view text w MS Notepad for anyone wanting to use in  Excel.

Thank You Mr Gann, for 94 years of Tunnel Thru The Air

И вот изображение от Роберта Рандла:

На странице оно маленькое, скачать оригинал от Рандла можно здесь.

И видео:

Как работает Джерри Невинс (Jerome Nevins)


Ответ Роберта на первое видео Невинса (после которого он записал второе, смотрите выше):

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the video 😊. I have not yet tried to make any videos (Snag-it sucks, and my  Microphones don’t sound right). Oh except for the unfinished Audio Chapters of Gann’s Tunnel  , but they are just audios w a fixed video background.

There are a few problems with re-naming the file to a “.STP” extension to modify it for use as a ‘Planetary Steps’ model.

  • The  values are calculated proportionately for a Time-Dynamic 0 to 100%  value for ‘Equidistant Cycles’.Harmonics. So by doing this change you  have limited its use to exactly just 100 days,  and such a restriction is not intended. But interesting to see its  properties restricted to 100 days. More correct would be the %value of  412days.
  • My  inserted ‘Comments’ at 2, 4 and 98 % or now Days are not turns, only  comments. Designed for use only with a black screen background these  comments lines are cancelled out /overwritten via  repeating the “Value:Black:.”

This  is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL of a tool left as its original ‘Equidistant  Cycles’.Harmonics. Use a Black screen background (or simply modify  trailing comments  text colour), plot an ‘Equidistant Cycle’ on a chart, open File and  select. Use the anchors I gave 14June > +412days > 31July. Then  start moving Anchor B, looking (measuring) Price relationships with the  ‘Tunnel Thru The Air Signs’ (actually I need to add  this simple function to the TS Wishlist). And Air Nodes, significant TTTTA Dates, Highs/Lows ±3 days, ‘Heart’ or 15*Earth Signs ±3 days etc. 

“No sign shall be given, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” Simplistically,  what ‘sign’ is Jonah/Jonas (using the Word Cipher)?

My  dear friend Alex Pushkin and I made these ‘Equidistant Cycles’  Proportion/Ratio models many years ago for a MT4 script. But long lost  many PCs ago. I  will try to find them, and post.

I will try to make a video

Regards Robert Rundle


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